February, 08 2013

About Outdrr

We make the outdoors more accessible.

Outdrr is the blog network for outdoor fans around the world. Our goal is to gather the best outdoor blogs and make them more accessible and to promote and work for a more responsible behavior towards the environment. We felt that a community like this was absent from the online communities we were seeing. A place where outdoor enthusiasts and experts could share and express their thoughts about outdoor life, and of course read and share their knowledge about the great outdoors that we all share our love for. Basically a campfire to gather around.

Sweden as an outpost, released February 2013

We started our release in Sweden. With Swedish bloggers who writes in Swedish. This to be able to test out the network and grow gradually in order to meet technical demands that we that we would like to deliver to you.

English version released August 2013

The second phase of our launch was to release the English version of Outdrr.com. We launched it in the summer. We now have roughly 50 English blogs but one of our main focus during 2014 will be to improve the English version. We are looking for bloggers, join us! Our first milestone was to release the Swedish version. The second milestone was to release the English version. We are right now looking for blogs in Swedish and English. But we are also looking for bloggers in other countries. We will gradually move on to other countries, starting with the Nordic countries. Read more: - We are looking for outdoor blogs (learn all the advantages of Outdrr) - Apply now - Contact us