February, 08 2013


What is Outdrr? Outdrr is a blog network for outdoor fans around the world, you can easily start your blog and start sharing your love for the outdoors. Which language should I blog in? We have two versions, English and Swedish so we allow bloggers that use those languages. We will release more versions so please apply or contact us if you would like to be on the waiting list. Is it for free? Yes it is! And it will always be that way. Who is behind Outdrr? We are a group that is passionate about the outdoors and want to make the outdoors more accessible and to promote and work for a more responsible behavior towards the environment. What do you make of this? We love the outdoors and we have a strong belief that more people should spend more time in the outdoors to be happier. We also belive that if you spend time in the outdoors you tend to care more and do more to protect it. Why do I need to pick a category for my blog? We believe that it is easier to gain traffic and followers is you are clear on what you will post about. But many people and bloggers posts on different types of categories so you can choose up to three categories at the same time. How do I report a bug? Contact us, describe the bug, always state what browser you are using and please also take a print screen. Can I use RSS on Outdrr? Yes, sure! You can get it from the startpage simply add /feed, like this: outdrr.com/feed. You can do the same things with individual blogs "blogname".outdrr.com/feed