April, 24 2013

We are looking for outdoor blogs

Become a part of our team

Right now we are looking for outdoor blogs in English and Swedish. With Outdrr you will meet friends with the same interest like you; the 9th of May we have our first meet up in Sweden (where Outdrr is founded). At the same time we will start Outdrr Awards, the bloggers outdoor awards where we put the newest outdoor gear to the test (top brands like Fjällräven, Hestra Gloves, Primus stoves has decided to join in). • Get traffic from outdrr.com • Become a spokesperson for the outdoor industry • Be a part of an outdoor community • Get the chance to try out the latest gear!

What are we looking for?

We are looking for people that truly love the outdoors and would like to share it with others. Maybe you just want to share your passion for climbing and teach others how to be better climbers. If you are working somewhat related to the outdoor industry and would like to promote your business, outdrr.com is the place to be!

We start off with English and Swedish

We start with English and Swedish then we will add on more country versions. Our goal is to create a great experience for our readers therefore we need to grow at a decedent speed to be able to deliver. We think it’s super important that you speak the language you will blog in fluently otherwise it’s really hard to create a great blog. But if you really want to join but do not think your English (or Swedish) will keep it up, contact us! We will eventually in some way have blogs/websites all over the world.

What kind of blog engine are you using?

We use Wordpress, the best publishing tool available. If you already have a current blog in Wordpress with one simple click all your content will be moved to your new blog on outdrr.com. In some cases we can also help you out to move content from other technical platforms, such as blogger. --------------------


Can I blog from my mobile phone? Wordpress got a great mobile application so you can super easily blog from your mobile phone. Do I have to blog daily or weekly? Now, you don’t have to at all. But if you don’t update the blog for several months we will contact you if we should remove it. What about my existing blog? Some of our current bloggers have moved all their content from their old Wordpress based blogs. Some have simply stopped using the old blog. And some updated them both, we think that the last option is the least good: 1) because it's so hard to update several blogs, 2) "every time you split a peach you loose juice". Do you get paid? We are for now not a business. Our focus is to first of all become the top outdoor site in the world, with the best content, the best credibility and the best user experience. If we have advertising on the site in the future we will in some way share the income with the bloggers. What’s Outdrr? Outdrr is about the love for nature and to behave responsibility towards animals and nature. Our goal is to become the best online portal in the outdoor industry. Who are you behind Outdoor? We are a group of outdoor freaks that misses out a great online portal. Appy now!